Welcome to the Shire of Corrigin

Corrigin Bush Friends are a very informal group eager to achieve a few tasks but to also have fun, and anyone is welcome to join us. We are keen on protecting the flora and fauna in bush areas such as the Corrigin Reserve as well as organising fun community activities to strengthen our understanding and connection with the Australian bush.


Fox & Cat Control

The group hope to facilitate fox and cat baiting andother methods of control in the Corrigin Reserve which would support the Red Card program. The Bioblitz in 2009 identified many fauna species in the reserve except from one notable group – there was an absence of small mammals which was a surprise considering the large size of the reserve. Foxes, feral and domestic cats have a significant impact on local native wildlife. Simple things such as cat owners keeping their cats indoors or in an enclosure at night will greatly reduce their impact on local fauna. It is their natural instinctto prey on wildlife, fed or not, and unlike dogs, they will chase prey up trees making them very effective predators.


If you would like to join us or want further information, contact Cindy, 9063 2505 or cstevens@westnet.com.au