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Corrigin Walk Trails

Walk Trail

Whether stopping to break your journey or staying a while, Corrigin offers a variety of interesting tracks and trails. From a gentle stroll around the Shopping District Route to an exhilarating scramble on the Corrigin Rock Trail, we have something for everyone! A brochure with map of the walk trails is available here (A3 size) or on request or from the Corrigin Resource Centre.

Corrigin Rock Trail - 1.8km

Points of Interest: Views of farmland, pockets of bushland with native flora & fauna.

The Dam Bush Track - 1.9km

Points of Interest: Large water tank, Bushland, Native flora & fauna. Located in the Railway reserve behind the Old Railway Station building.

Shopping District Route - 3.2km

Points of Interest: Loch Ness Monster, Corrigin Museum, Miss B's Park.

Town Site Circuit - 3.7km

Points of Interest: RSL Memorial Hill/Lookout, Adventure Playground, Corrigin Swimming Pool & Sportsground.

Corrigin Cemetery Trail - 4.1km

Points of Interest: Corrigin Cemetery, Skateboard Park, Adventure Playground.